There is a short answer to this :). Most of us would probably say because it is healthier than smoking.

Before starting to vape I was a heavy smoker, this really had a told on my overall health condition and my budget. After multiple attempts to quit smoking, I decided to try electronic cigarettes seeing that these have successfully worked for a couple of my acquaintances. The first mod and tank were given to me by a friend to try out for a week or so. He had an Evic VT with the eGo Mega tank. After the first puffs I was amazed by the vapor production and the great taste.

A day has passed by and I was still holding on to the device, then the second day has passed and still I didn’t have any urges to smoke my regular cigars although they were at short reach. After a couple of days I called my friend and told him that I want to buy the mod and tank 🙂 And so my journey begins…

Now I have been vaping for quite some time and since then I have change quite a few tanks and mods. To help you on this journey of vaping, I decided to write about this on VapeStart.  I will try to cover as many devices, tanks and liquids I have available (at first there will be only a few due to my budget limitations).  Most of the stuff you see here is stuff that I have bought with my own money. So help me to help you if you enjoy your visit on my blog by making a small donation if you do consider what I am doing here is useful for you.


What drives me

My first and only priority is to help you out as I know how difficult and confusing vaping can be sometimes, especially with the bulk of mods, tanks and e-liquids that are appearing each day. Some are worth the time and money and some will simply drift you away from vaping and back into your old habits of smoking regular cigars.

As I said I am not paid by any manufacturer to write for any of the gear you are seeing here. Also if you have old gear laying around that you no longer use, please feel free to send this to me if you have no need for it so I can do a review and share this info with the rest of the community.

Enjoy this experience and if you have any questions, and I do mean it, any questions at all. Please feel free to get in touch with me and I will do my best to help you out with a response as quick as possible.

Take care and vape safe!  🙂