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The Ice Cubed RDA by Wotofo

Wotofo Ice Cubed

For today I have something interesting to show you, a dripper (RDA) from Wotofo that is called the Ice Cubed RDA. This dripper uses pretty much the same platform as the Sapor, which I reviewed a while ago here however this Ice Cubed RDA has a little twist and during this review we will go into the details of what makes this dripper special.

Wotofo Ice CubedThe first thing you will notice on this RDA is the glass chamber with beveled corners, I am sure this will catch a lot of attention or at least this is what I have noticed during the time I have used mine. The dripper I have on review is the stainless steel version and it is simply a looker 🙂


Time to go into the details with this one and speak about it’s cloud chucking capabilities and they way it renders the flavor.

Clouds and Flavor

I am currently running this with a dual twisted clapton build 4 wraps reading at 0.25 Ohms and it is a proper cloud chucking machine with the airflow wide open. Similar with the Sapor, this RDA can only be run in dual coil mode as you do not have the option to close one side of the airflow to run it as a single coil setup. It was very hard to distinguish exactly what time of RDA this is, is it oriented more to cloud chasing or flavor chasing? To me it seems to have a bit of a dual personality 🙂 It gives massive clouds but at the same time the taste it renders is spot on, regardless of the build you have. So far I have tried this with Twisted Clatopons and Kanthal.

I don’t know why I end up comparing this against other drippers when the focus should be on this little fella. I have to be honest with you, this RDA is miles away from the Sapor, it is so much better in every sense. Perhaps the only area where the Sapor has a slight edge would be the build deck space. On the Ice Cubed RDA you won’t be able to fit larger diameter coils (with inner diameter larger than 3mm).

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The Sapor RDA by Wotofo

Sapor RDA

Today, I will be doing a review on a dripper (RDA) made by Wotofo. Wotofo is a company well know for making authentic vaping gear at an affordable price point and the Sapor RDA makes no exception, this little thing is cheap and it is good value for the money if you are on the market for a good and affordable dripper. This RDA is well build, the deck is big and it has adjustable top airflow.


Yep, with this little one you can create some big clouds depending on you coil setup 🙂 The RDA can only be run in dual coil mode, you do not have the option of closing one side of the airflow to run it as a single coil setup.


Flavor is really nice, I have tried a couple of setups (twisted clapton, Kanthal, Nichrome) and on almost all of these the flavor was good. Now, I wouldn’t rate this as a flavor chasing atomizers since this is not the case there are better alternatives on the market but at a different price point.

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