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The Sapor RDA by Wotofo

Sapor RDA

Today, I will be doing a review on a dripper (RDA) made by Wotofo. Wotofo is a company well know for making authentic vaping gear at an affordable price point and the Sapor RDA makes no exception, this little thing is cheap and it is good value for the money if you are on the market for a good and affordable dripper. This RDA is well build, the deck is big and it has adjustable top airflow.


Yep, with this little one you can create some big clouds depending on you coil setup 🙂 The RDA can only be run in dual coil mode, you do not have the option of closing one side of the airflow to run it as a single coil setup.


Flavor is really nice, I have tried a couple of setups (twisted clapton, Kanthal, Nichrome) and on almost all of these the flavor was good. Now, I wouldn’t rate this as a flavor chasing atomizers since this is not the case there are better alternatives on the market but at a different price point.

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Vape Wishlist

First off lets start with a wishlist, I’ve put together a wishlist which I will be updating on an ongoing basis as newer mods and atomizers will appear on the market that are worth trying. This wishlist contains products that I will like to have in the future and this is strictly my opinion. Depending on you vaping style these might not be suitable or recommended for you.

Box Mods:

Advanced box mods (high-end)

  1. Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 –  I particularly like this mod because it is the first one with 3 replaceable 18650 batteries, battery life is excellent and the Evolv DNA chip is top-notch. The DNA200 chip allows users to customize their vaping experience at a very detailed level(including custom screen templates 🙂 )  but at the same time offering the wattage needed for those power thirsty attys.
  2. Lavabox DNA 200 – This would be second on my list primarily due to its small lipo battery. This also features the DNA200 chip from Evolv so you have all the advanced options to customize your vape. Build quality is top-notch and to be honest I like the shape and design more than the Wismec Reuleaux however if this would be you only mod, you might have some issues with battery life if you are vaping at higher wattage’s. Although it has a built-in lipo battery this us user serviceable. You can easily remove the battery when it is no longer performing as expected and replace it with a new one.

Affordable box mods:

  1. Joyetech Cuboid – good looking mod and packed with features, has 2 replaceable 18650 batteries and 150W of power. If you upgrade your mod to the latest version you will be able to take advantage of 200W of power with some restrictions. What I really like about the mod is the way it looks and the fact that it has the joyetech chip. The mod is very easy to use, especially if you are coming from an evic VT or evic VTC mini. Battery life is also a big plus.
  2. Joyetech VTC mini – a compact box mod with a replaceable 18650 battery featuring custom TCR settings for improving the accuracy of your temperature control function depending on the type of wire you are using for your custom builds. This mod also has a bypass mode which will allow you to use it like a mechanical mod.




  1. Griffin from Geekvape – great vapor production and taste, nice big deck for easy coil builds.
  2. TFV4 Mini from SMOK – great all around tank with an rba deck for you custom builds
  3. OBS Crius – similar to the griffin in terms of vapor production and taste but with a few drawbacks.


  1. Velocity from Avid Vaper
  2. Sapor
  3. Alliance v2 


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