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70W UD Balrog Kit Review

UD Balrog

Today I will be doing a review on a kit from UD (Youde), by now I think you are already familiar with the products from UD, I did a review a while ago on the Zephyrus V2 RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) . UD are well know for their atomizers (Bellus, Goliath, Goblin Mini, Zephyrus) and accessories in the vaping community, this is their first try in the box mod market and to be honest at first view I was quite impressed with what they came out. Let’s see how this little box handles things in the long run and if it is worth the purchase.

The look and feel

UD BalrogThe design of the device is excellent, what I really enjoy is the fact that UD has tried to come up with something different from what the other manufactures are doing in terms of design. They managed to bring a set of design features which are new to the market and this always pleases me when I see companies innovating. First thing that popped out in terms of the design was the condensation collection ring and the second thing which is also a first on the market would be the purlicue button. By definition purlicue means “the space between one’s forefinger and thumb”, I would translate this as “the button can be pressed in almost any way possible” 🙂

UD Balrog vs Evic VTCWhat I really enjoyed in terms of feel was the way the device stayed in my hand, to be honest this is one of the most comfortable small devices I have used in a while, I see myself comparing this a lot to my Evic Mini VTC and it does feel much more comfortable in the hand as compared to the Evic VTC which is comparable in size. Design wise, I really enjoyed the fact that UD have decided to go with a simple sleek all black look, there isn’t a lot of branding on the device except a simple “Balrog” logo at the top of the firing button and the UD logo at the bottom of the device. In terms of dimensions the device is a little shorter in comparison with the eJoytech VTC Mini, the UD Balrog dimensions are 78 mm tall, 38 mm wide and 23 mm in depth. The UD Balrog is a box shaped device however it does feature rounded corners that take away from the angular shape we see in a lot of devices on the market today.

Another added feature of the device is the possibility of connecting a lanyard if you would like to carry your mod around your neck, this can easily be done by simply screwing on the lanyard at the top of the device where this has a small hole designed specifically for this.

UD BalrogThe condensation ring I have mentioned earlier sits on top of the 510 connection, the 510 connection is stainless steel threaded with brass coating on the 510 pin, the pin is spring loaded so you won’t have any connection issues with your atomizers.  The condensation ring is a reverse threaded (you will have to turn this counter-clockwise to unscrew it) metallic enclosure surrounding the 510 pin with several oval shaped holes which is design to soak up any eliquid or condensation from your atomizers. The condensation ring has worked flawlessly and has saved the mod from several “messes” due to my error :). The condensation ring is user replaceable, the cotton padding can be changed easily, and UD has even included a spare absorbing cotton ring.

UD BalrogThe purlicue button has a nice feel when firing the device, and the fact that you can fire the device in any way possible comes as an added bonus. I didn’t have any issues with the firing button, it is nice and clicky and you can basically fire the device without searching for the firing button when you are holding the mod in your hand. If you have the button facing the palm you can simply fire the device by squeezing the mod. The design of the button is quite interesting, the button is protruding and has a square sided section with a nicely designed fire graphic, so far I haven’t had any issues with the button being protruding.

The screen of the device is small however it is very bright and easy to read,  the information displayed is clear and straightforward. All your basic information is displayed here: battery meter, wattage setting, coil resistance, type of resistance, voltage and temperature. The device also has an option to reverse your screen or to go into stealth mode (screen turned off). Below the screen you will find two metal function buttons (these do not have any markings on them e.g. “+”, “-“) and a USB port for charging, I am not too sure if the device is firmware upgradeable as I couldn’t find anything in the manual about this. At the bottom of the device you will also find some vent holes for your battery.

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Joyetech eVic VT Review

Today I will be reviewing a device that has been on the market for a bit of time however after using this for fair amount of time I decided to do a review and share my thoughts with you in case you are thinking of grabbing one for yourself 😉

Joyetech eVic VT with Zephyrus tanks Joyetech eVic VT bottom view Joyetech eVic VT top view 510 pin Joyetech eVic VT side view (usb port) Joyetech eVic VT front view, no tank Joyetech eVic VT front view, no tank


The look and feel

When I first opened the box I have found a sleek looking device. I liked the sports car paint on it with the double stripes and I can say for certain that after a lot of usage and abuse the paint on this device is still in good condition.  The only part I seen catch a few scratches is top part near the 510 connector. The size of the device is 47/25.5/85.6 mm, to me the size is just about right, it sits very nicely in the hand, you don’t feel the weight of the device although if you are coming from smaller devices then you might feel this device is a bit heavy.  The fire button on this device feels nice and clicky, its of a decent size and it sits near the top of the display. You can easily reach it without even looking at the device since it is not flushed, you can fire it easily with the pointer finger or thumb. I am not a particular fan of the adjustment rocker, it is easy to use however sometimes it tends to get stuck (probably due to e-juice getting in there). I usually clean the adjustment rocker with a paper towel and after that it works perfectly. The other drawback I found regarding the adjustment rocker would be the fact that locking settings or putting the device in stealth mode is a bit more difficult compared to regular adjustment buttons. Both the fire button and adjustment rocker are all chrome. I am not a huge fan of the 510 connector on this mod, in particular because it is non-adjustable however I have used this mod with a variety of atomizers (RDAs&RTAs) and had no issues.

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