Black Widow RDA

Today, I will be doing a review on a dripper (RDA) made by CloudJoy. CloudJoy is a company know for being the first to introduce a turbine-like system on their atomizers. The turbine-like system is meant to allow larger draws and to cool the coil at the same time. Personally at first I saw this as a gimmicky feature however after long use I did notice a small improvement in terms of the draws I was pulling in comparison to other drippers with a similar design. Now if you ask me I don’t know exactly if it is the fan/turbine like drip tip or just the airflow design. As I mentioned it is only a small improvement so don’t expect anything huge since it is not the case however all in all this RDA is pretty nice, the value for money is good especially if you are on the market for a good and affordable dripper. The RDA is well build and the deck is a pleasure to build on,  the airflow on this dripper is on top and is adjustable.


As the packaging suggest – Big clouds? Yes! With this one you can create some big clouds depending on you coil setup:) Unfortunately the RDA cannot be run in a single coil setup as you do not have the option of closing one side of the airflow. However the nice thing about it is the fact that the airflow is on top, in this way air is pushed down onto the coils and then back up, in return this will give you a nice flavorful vape.


Flavor is delicious,  I have tried a couple of setups (Nichrome, Kanthal and Claptons) and the flavor was overall very enjoyable. I did a quick comparison with the Sapor RDA and have noticed that this outperforms the Sapor in terms of flavor, this is due to it’s airflow system and the addition of a ceramic base for the juice well.



Another thing I have enjoyed on this dripper is the fact that it is very easy to build due to it’s velocity style deck, and this would be a dripper that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in trying to drip for the first time, partly because this won’t leak on you and building on this deck is easy.

Black Widow RDA deckYou even have a couple of ceramic tabs on the side of the deck to help with your wicking, the tabs are there to help prevent the cotton from touching the barrel and getting burnt. With this dripper you won’t experience any spit-back, this is due to its drip tip design with the turbine-fan in it that will prevent any hot ejuice reaching your mouth.



The build quality of this atomizer is excellent, especially when taking into consideration this is not an expensive dripper. The stainless steel body is nice and thick and nothing seems to be flimsy on this RDA, even the airflow adjustment ring seems to have a solid design and adjusting this is easy and smooth.

Black Widow RDAWith the velocity deck you can’t go wrong on a dripper, the deck is a two post design with four rounded post holes, post holes are fairly big so you won’t have any issues with your coil leads in here, however if you are thinking of putting anything larger than a 3 mm inner diameter coil(horizontal) you will have some issues as the coil will be touching the inner barrel/chimney.

The RDA uses 4 grub screws, I didn’t have any issues with these so far, none of them have stripped or have cut the wires. The juice well is fairly deep (5.6mm) and you won’t experience any leaking in case you have overdripped. The chimney/cap is held into place by 3 o-rings, the o-rings are nice and snug and after a few weeks of usage they didn’t show any signs of wear and tear. The package does include a spare set of o-rings just in case you need to replace the ones already fitted on the dripper. The 510 pin is perfectly centered and it is made out of copper.

In terms of dimensions, the Black Widow RDA is a 22 mm RDA with 10 mm inner bore drip tip. You cannot use your own drip tip with this atomizer, however if you are not a huge fan of the turbine fan in the drip tip this can be removed. I have tried installing the wide bore drip tip from the Sapor RDA however this got stuck and I had a bit of a trouble getting this out (not recommended).

Another great feature on this dripper is the removable ceramic cup in the base, besides the fact that it helps with the taste of the flavour it also helps prevent heat transfer to the mod and will also prevent shorts.

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