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Coil Master SEB Review

CoilMaster SEB

Today we will be having a look at the Coil Master SEB (SS E-juice Bottle). The SEB is a carrying container/bottle made out of stainless steel that allows you to carry your e-juice safely without any leaks or fear of breaking. For me personally this was one accessory that was missing from my daily setup and I have always wanted something to carry my e-juice without worrying that it will break if I drop it or it would leak when I least expect it.

CoilMaster SEBIt seems that Coil Master have managed to come up with another interesting product and to be honest this was something that was lacking on the market for a while. The only alternative I can think of at the moment is the U-CAN from Innokin however from my point of view the U-CAN doesn’t even come close in terms of quality of the build to the SEB from Coil Master. You’ve got to trust me on this one, the level of detail that is put into this product is simply beyond every expectation I had.

CoilMaster SEBThe SEB comes in a nice cylindrical package and you also get a user manual and nice pouch to keep those scratches away. I have been using mine for about a week or so and haven’t noticed any marks on it whatsoever but I am sure this depends on how you take care of it in the long run. For example I wouldn’t recommend carrying this next to a bunch of keys if you want it to look brand new.

Spec wise, here is what the SEB has to offer:

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Corrosion free
  • 20 ml capacity
  • Portable, snap hook included
  • Shockproof
  • Adjustable e-juice flow rate (max 1.25 ml per button press)
  • Precision spring loaded tip
  • 26 mm in diameter and 91.6 mm in height

CoilMaster SEBBox contents:

  • 1 x Coil Master SEB (stainless steel)
  • 1 x pouch
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x snap hook (silver color)

As mentioned in the specifications the e-juice flow rate can be adjusted, at the bottom of the SEB you will find ring that allows you to control how far along the button can be pushed thus allowing more or less e-juice to be dispensed. The maximum you can get out of it is 1.25 ml per button press. The button can be locked by unscrewing the knurled bottom ring.

CoilMaster SEBThe SEB has a window on each size stretching nearly the full height of the container, each window has laser edged markings so that you can see how much e-juice you have left. The top of the SEB has a cover to prevent e-juice from leaking out or come in contact with any outside elements. On the top cover you have a key ring attached to a snap hook which makes it very convenient for carrying this with you. The top cap also has the role of protecting the spring loaded tip: the top cap simply screws down – the threading on this is good.  Filling the tank is very easy and convenient, this is done by unscrewing the cap that contains the spring loaded.

Overall Impression

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, this is one piece of kit that I have been waiting for quite some time and it seems that Coil Master have managed to come up with something really special here and exceeded my expectations. Now, is it useful? It sure is! Especially since the majority of e-juice manufacturers use glass bottles and dropper caps which are prone to break if they are accidentally dropped and dropper caps can be sometimes difficult to use especially if the fill holes of you atomizer are too small.

CoilMaster SEB

Regarding pricing, the Coil Master SEB now costs 29.99$ and you can purchase it directly from I think it is worth the money, just imagine that if you were to accidentally drop a bottle of your favorite e-juice you would probably be paying more for that. With the SEB you don’t have to worry about this anymore.


CoilMaster SEB


Coil Master 521 Tab Review


Coil Master has managed to establish itself as an important company in the vaping industry with top of the line accessories. Coil Master’s impact in the vaping world is quite important as they have offered us a better and quicker way to build. This is mainly due to the release of some interesting products, out of which I would like to mention the Coil Master DIY Kit V2, that I have reviewed a while ago. In  today’s review I will also be featuring other accessories from Coil Master however the focus will be on this little tool – The Coil Master 521 Tab.

What is a Coil Master 521 Tab?

The Coil Master 521 Tab is essentially a multi-function tool  that enables you to rebuild coils for your atomizers in a safe and quick way. The fact that it is so versatile it will certainly make it even more appealing to take it away with you, this tool ca replace all of the below in a small and compact package:

  • An ohm reader
  • A voltage meter for mechanical mods/regulated mods
  • A coil rebuilder/testing deck
  • A table Mod

Box contents

Coil Master 521 TabPackaging for this device looks top notch, the device arrived in an eye appealing red and black presentation box with the Coil Master logo embossed on the top of the box and 521 lettering on the sides. All the accessories are nicely tucked in and easily reachable.


The box that I have received contained the following:

  • 1 x Coil Master 521 Tab
  • 1 x Snap-on adaptor for voltage readings
  • 1 x micro USB charging cable
  • 2 x alligator test leads
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x promotional giveaway leaflet

Coil Master 521 Tab

Look and feel

The first thing that caught my attention was it’s design, it’s a beautiful device with a small form factor. The size of the device is spot on for it’s purpose, it’s not too small to make it difficult to build on or too big to leave it at home. The device is 84.5mm long X 69.5mm wide x 49.5mm in depth. Size wise it is comparable to an ohm meter but slightly bigger. The overall material used is hard plastic (ABS) for the device and the shape is ‘box style’.

On the top of you device you will have your building deck with the integrated 510 connection, which looks recessed into the aluminium top cap, the 510 brass pin is spring loaded and it has made a connection with all the atomizers I have tested. The device also features an LED display on top of the 521 tab, the display is nice an bright and shows the necessary information (ohms/voltage). The previous version of the 521 tab featured an OLED display that also showed a battery meter and had a couple of graphics when you were in firing mode, the version I have on review is the newer model that doesn’t have the OLED display.

Coil Master 521 TabI favor the old OLED display but there is merit in keeping things simple (for instance it saves battery life). Next to the display you will find a big firing button that sits nice and firm and has a pleasant sound to it. On the left part of the display you also have a blue LED to let you know that you are in firing mode. On the right side of the device you have your mode selector (burn/off/reader) and down below you have your micro USB port for charging. Coil Master 521 Tab

The left side of the device has Coil Master 521 embossed that adds to the design and details put into the device. On the bottom side you have the battery compartment that is fixed into place with two tabs to prevent the cover from sliding off and magnets to prevent it from falling and to allow you to easily replace your 18650 battery without tools. The battery cover also has 4 rubber pads to prevent the 521 tab from moving on your table or any surface when you are doing your builds.

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Video: Vaping vs Smoking

If you are curios to see the difference between vaping and smoking I would highly recommend the below video. I would also urge any smokers that are visiting this site to have a quick look over this video in hope that this might help them search for alternatives or quit smoking.

New York Court Rules – Vaping is NOT Smoking!


People often mistake vaping to smoking, I still feel that we haven’t yet managed to promote vaping enough so that people understand that the two (vaping and smoking) cannot be used interchangeably. It will take a bit of time to get there and for more people to see vaping devices to truly understand that what is coming out of a vaping device is not smoke.  A recent event has brought things into court, a vaper was cited for using a vaping device on a subway platform. A New York judge has ruled the fact that vaping is not smoking, New York Law defines smoking as “the burning of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or any other matter or substance which contains tobacco”, this excludes vaping devices.

The court pointed gravelout the fact that “an electronic cigarette neither burns nor contains tobacco” and that “Instead, the use of such a device, which is commonly referred to as ‘vaping,’ involves the inhalation of vaporized e-cigarette liquid consisting of water, nicotine, a base of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and occasionally, flavoring.”

In this case the State has argued the fact that the ban on vaping should be understood and there was no need for specific prohibition on vaping devices due to the fact that the courts of New York have yet to make a determination as to whether electronic cigarettes are to be viewed any differently under these sections than tobacco cigarettes.”.

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Coil Master DYI Kit V2 Review

Today I will be doing a review on the Coil Master Do It Yourself Kit version 2. The reason why you would want to purchase a coiling kit would be to make your own coils, in my case I didn’t have any tools laying around that would be suitable to coil builds. Instead of buying individual tools (screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, etc)  I have found this kit to be suitable for all kinds of builds at a good price point. You can use the kit to build on RDAs and RTAs with no fuss at all – it’s plain simple, especially if you have made coils before for your atomizers. If you haven’t made any coils before, don’t worry I will be posting soon some tutorials on how to build on various RDAs and RTAs.

coil master DYI Kit V2 coil master DYI Kit V2 coil master DYI Kit V2 coil master DYI Kit V2 coil master DYI Kit V2 coil master DYI Kit V2 coil master DYI Kit V2 coil master DYI Kit V2

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The e-juice

eliquid, ejuice,

The e-juice/e-liquid or juice as some of use like to call it is probably the most important element of your vaping device. The e-juice is the liquid we put in our atomizers (RDAs/RTAs), this gets heated up by the coil(s) inside the atomizer and turned into an aerosol or commonly called vapor.

E-juice usually is composed of the following ingredients: Propylene Glycol or PG, Vegetable Glycerine or VG, Nicotine (optional), and Flavoring.

Propylene Glycol or PG how most of us like to call it. This is an organic compound, it is viscous and colourless, nearly odourless but  has a faintly sweet taste.  PG has been found to be generally safe and is widely used in consumer products, food, pharmaceuticals, etc. PG can is also used in some food processing techniques and this is labelled as the E number E1520Propylene Glycol is the pharmaceutical industry in asthma inhalers and nebulizers. Do not confuse Propylene Glycol with Ethylene glycol, Ethylene glycol is commonly used as a coolant and heat transfer agent. Ethylene glycol is TOXIC so do not confuse this with Propylene Glycol.

In vaping PG is the compound that gives us the “throat hit” sensation, PG is also used to carry the flavoring of our e-juice due to its bonding properties.

Vegetable Glycerine or VG, is a sugar alcohol compound widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. Sugar alcohol has nothing to do with sugar or alcohol, contrary to what the name may suggest. Sugar alcohol is not an alcoholic beverage or a sugar. Sugar alcohol are white water-soluble solids that can occur naturally or can be produced artificially from sugars.

This compound usually has applications in the food products, pharmaceutical and personal care products.  VG will give less throat hit however it will produce more vapor. VG is a viscous liquid, it is colorless and odorless.

Some people might have allergic reactions to PG however so far there have been none reported for VG. If you know you are allergic to any of the compounds than do not vape before asking your practitioner. On the market you will also find PG-free liquids if you notice that you don’t get along great with liquids that do contain PG.


In vaping, the flavorings are usually food grade flavorings. Flavorings are useful since they enhance the vaping experience and are often a key element in helping people quit regular cigars. If you don’t like the taste or feel of something it very likely that you will not want to use or try that. Most known e-liquid companies in the business use food grade flavorings that are approved by the US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP). Before vaping on an e-juice always check the ingredients to ensure there are NO compounds like diacetyl or other harmful chemicals.

Some companies may choose to only list the 4 key ingredients: PG, VG, Nicotine and Flavorings. If you are unsure on what the flavoring contains ask before vaping on that particular e-juice. Some manufactures will include the full list of ingredients for the flavoring.

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Vaping a growing trend

At first when I was introduced to vaping my first thoughts were this is too good to be true. After doing a lot of research and reading over studies and articles I wasn’t able to say for certain that the long time effects of vaping are either bad or good. In a way let’s be honest, if we would be vaping on shady e-liquids or using box mods that don’t come from a well known source we are taking a few more risks on board. If we play it safe and use are judgement, common sense and the resources we have available I am certain we can minimize a lot of the potential hazards.

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Vape Wishlist

First off lets start with a wishlist, I’ve put together a wishlist which I will be updating on an ongoing basis as newer mods and atomizers will appear on the market that are worth trying. This wishlist contains products that I will like to have in the future and this is strictly my opinion. Depending on you vaping style these might not be suitable or recommended for you.

Box Mods:

Advanced box mods (high-end)

  1. Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 –  I particularly like this mod because it is the first one with 3 replaceable 18650 batteries, battery life is excellent and the Evolv DNA chip is top-notch. The DNA200 chip allows users to customize their vaping experience at a very detailed level(including custom screen templates 🙂 )  but at the same time offering the wattage needed for those power thirsty attys.
  2. Lavabox DNA 200 – This would be second on my list primarily due to its small lipo battery. This also features the DNA200 chip from Evolv so you have all the advanced options to customize your vape. Build quality is top-notch and to be honest I like the shape and design more than the Wismec Reuleaux however if this would be you only mod, you might have some issues with battery life if you are vaping at higher wattage’s. Although it has a built-in lipo battery this us user serviceable. You can easily remove the battery when it is no longer performing as expected and replace it with a new one.

Affordable box mods:

  1. Joyetech Cuboid – good looking mod and packed with features, has 2 replaceable 18650 batteries and 150W of power. If you upgrade your mod to the latest version you will be able to take advantage of 200W of power with some restrictions. What I really like about the mod is the way it looks and the fact that it has the joyetech chip. The mod is very easy to use, especially if you are coming from an evic VT or evic VTC mini. Battery life is also a big plus.
  2. Joyetech VTC mini – a compact box mod with a replaceable 18650 battery featuring custom TCR settings for improving the accuracy of your temperature control function depending on the type of wire you are using for your custom builds. This mod also has a bypass mode which will allow you to use it like a mechanical mod.




  1. Griffin from Geekvape – great vapor production and taste, nice big deck for easy coil builds.
  2. TFV4 Mini from SMOK – great all around tank with an rba deck for you custom builds
  3. OBS Crius – similar to the griffin in terms of vapor production and taste but with a few drawbacks.


  1. Velocity from Avid Vaper
  2. Sapor
  3. Alliance v2 


Must read vape articles

Before starting into vaping, I wanted to do a bit of research to understand how safe and how would vaping compare to regular cigars. My honest opinion would be that if you have never smoked then DO NOT START VAPING, however if you are an ex-smoker than I would definitely have a look over these articles and give vaping a try:

Ecigs Inconvenient truth

E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than regular tobacco

Public Health England – E-cigarettes safer than smoking

Behind the Vapor

I will be updating the list on an ongoing basis with articles I find interesting and that are from a reliable and trustworthy source.

If you are interested in having a look over ecig studies that have been done over the past year(s), below you will have a list with links:

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