Wotofo Ice Cubed

For today I have something interesting to show you, a dripper (RDA) from Wotofo that is called the Ice Cubed RDA. This dripper uses pretty much the same platform as the Sapor, which I reviewed a while ago here however this Ice Cubed RDA has a little twist and during this review we will go into the details of what makes this dripper special.

Wotofo Ice CubedThe first thing you will notice on this RDA is the glass chamber with beveled corners, I am sure this will catch a lot of attention or at least this is what I have noticed during the time I have used mine. The dripper I have on review is the stainless steel version and it is simply a looker 🙂


Time to go into the details with this one and speak about it’s cloud chucking capabilities and they way it renders the flavor.

Clouds and Flavor

I am currently running this with a dual twisted clapton build 4 wraps reading at 0.25 Ohms and it is a proper cloud chucking machine with the airflow wide open. Similar with the Sapor, this RDA can only be run in dual coil mode as you do not have the option to close one side of the airflow to run it as a single coil setup. It was very hard to distinguish exactly what time of RDA this is, is it oriented more to cloud chasing or flavor chasing? To me it seems to have a bit of a dual personality 🙂 It gives massive clouds but at the same time the taste it renders is spot on, regardless of the build you have. So far I have tried this with Twisted Clatopons and Kanthal.

I don’t know why I end up comparing this against other drippers when the focus should be on this little fella. I have to be honest with you, this RDA is miles away from the Sapor, it is so much better in every sense. Perhaps the only area where the Sapor has a slight edge would be the build deck space. On the Ice Cubed RDA you won’t be able to fit larger diameter coils (with inner diameter larger than 3mm).


A big plus for this dripper is the ease you can build on it, there is nothing complicated going on here. You have your usual velocity style deck that is a dream to build on, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in trying a dripper for the first time. My reasons are clear, first off the velocity style deck is easy to build on, the glass chamber won’t cause any shorts if by mistake a coil touches the chamber but also this won’t leak on you if you over-drip.

With the setups I have tried on this dripper I haven’t had any issues with spit-back whatsoever. This RDA came with a spit-back stainless steel mesh however I removed this since it muted the flavor quite a bit.

Also when building please do take into consideration that your coils should not touch the glass chamber.  This would cause a short-circuit and if you would be running this on a regulated mod you would know for sure it is touching.


Build quality on this is excellent, the glass chamber is very pleasing to the eye and the glass seems to be pretty thick and it is heat resistant. Now if you somehow manage to break the glass chamber unfortunately there isn’t a spare included in the box so you will have to buy another RDA but as I mentioned the glass on this is pretty thick so the likelihood of breaking it is reduced.

Wotofo Ice Cubed

The top cap and base are made out of stainless steel, both of these have a nice finish to them, with no noticeable rough edges. The velocity styled deck offers two posts with two terminals per post, the deck offers sufficient space for the more complicated builds, also each post hole has a diameter of 2 mm. The RDA uses 4 grub screws, I didn’t have any issues with these so far, none of them have stripped or have cut the wires. The juice well is fairly deep (6mm) and as I said previously you won’t have any issues with leaking in case you over-drip.

Another positive thing worth mentioning is the fact that the peek insulator on this is squared. From my experience so far squared peek insulators usually tend to last longer than the rounded ones.

Wotofo Ice CubedThe 510 pin on this RDA is adjustable and it is gold plated. I haven’t had any connection issues on any of my mods.

In terms of dimensions, the Ice Cubed RDA is a 22mm RDA with a 10mm by 2mm (fully opened) top airflow control system.

O-rings on this RDA are OK however I would have preferred a different design for the bottom o-rings since the bottom one is a little loose for my likeing. I think a design with 3 spaced O-rings would have made the base of the glass chamber sit more snugly and would have prevented it from rotating when the ejuice would reach the bottom o-ring. Included in the box you will also get a set of replacement o-rings in case you need to replace the transparent ones fitted on the atomizer.


This is among the coolest looking RDA’s I have seen on the market for sometime now. The glass chamber with the beveled corners really helps it look apart, it looks like your vaping on an ice cube 🙂

The Ice Cubed RDA comes in two different color options: Stainless Steel, and Black. The one I have for review is the stainless steel and trust me, it looks amazing. I would be curious to see how the black version looks like, so if you have one, please post a picture in the comments below with it on a mod 🙂 Now, going back to the design, this dripper looks fantastic on any mod.

Another interesting feature is the adjustable airflow control, Wotofo have managed to integrate this nicely with the drip tip. All you have to do to adjust the airflow is to turn the drip tip clockwise or anti-clockwise. I had a bit of trouble with mine at first because it was very stiff, but after putting a bit of ejuice on the o-ring at the bottom of airflow control this would adjust easily.

The drip tip on this RDA is a stainless steel wide bore cap (6 mm) however they also include a 8 mm broad cap drip tip. Both of the drip dips screw in on the airflow control assembly. The airflow control assembly also features a designated space to fit a stainless steel mesh (included) to help prevent spit-back however in my case I have decided to remove this as I felt the flavor was not as intense and this would also prevent me from dripping directly in the wide bore cap. To me personally I think it is more convenient to drip directly in the wide bore cap rather than taking the top part out and paint the coils with ejuice.

Wotofo Ice Cubed

Box contents:       

  • 1 x Ice Cubed RDA
  • 1 x 8mm stainless steel Broad cap Drip Tip
  • 1 x 6mm stainless steel Wide bore Drip Tip
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 4 x grub screws
  • 8 x spare O-rings (different dimensions, 2 x blue o-rings, 2 x red o-rings)
  • 2 x Spare Mesh Spit-back Guard
  • 1 x Parts list leaflet and Authenticity Card



Quick Specs:

  • Dimensions(L x W x H): 20.5 x 20.5 x 48 mm
  • Heat resistant Pyrex glass chamber
  • Adjustable gold plated 510 Pin
  • 6 mm deep juice well
  • Dual Adjustable top airflow control 10 mm by 2 mm when fully opened
  • Squared PEEK insulator
  • Two-post Velocity styled deck (quad terminal)
  • 2 mm post holes
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Spit-back Protection (removable)
  • Side tension Hex grub screws for the post holes

Overall impression

Wotofo Ice CubedI might be a bit biased on this one since it has managed to win me over and it has become my everyday dripper. But in all honesty there isn’t much to complain about other than the fact that if you like doing single coil builds then this won’t be the dripper for you.  For me personally, this thing was not important and hasn’t stopped me from placing it among my favorite RDA’s up to now, especially since it won’t break the bank in terms of pricing.

Wotofo Ice Cubed

So if you are on the lookout for an atomizer with a handful of features and a spectacular exterior design, than the Ice Cubed RDA from Wotofo should be part of you collection, you can find this on sale on szgeartech.com. Cheers to a good one 🙂

As always if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and also if you have enjoyed this review, please remember to like and share, thanks:)