UD Balrog

Today I will be doing a review on a kit from UD (Youde), by now I think you are already familiar with the products from UD, I did a review a while ago on the Zephyrus V2 RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) . UD are well know for their atomizers (Bellus, Goliath, Goblin Mini, Zephyrus) and accessories in the vaping community, this is their first try in the box mod market and to be honest at first view I was quite impressed with what they came out. Let’s see how this little box handles things in the long run and if it is worth the purchase.

The look and feel

UD BalrogThe design of the device is excellent, what I really enjoy is the fact that UD has tried to come up with something different from what the other manufactures are doing in terms of design. They managed to bring a set of design features which are new to the market and this always pleases me when I see companies innovating. First thing that popped out in terms of the design was the condensation collection ring and the second thing which is also a first on the market would be the purlicue button. By definition purlicue means “the space between one’s forefinger and thumb”, I would translate this as “the button can be pressed in almost any way possible” 🙂

UD Balrog vs Evic VTCWhat I really enjoyed in terms of feel was the way the device stayed in my hand, to be honest this is one of the most comfortable small devices I have used in a while, I see myself comparing this a lot to my Evic Mini VTC and it does feel much more comfortable in the hand as compared to the Evic VTC which is comparable in size. Design wise, I really enjoyed the fact that UD have decided to go with a simple sleek all black look, there isn’t a lot of branding on the device except a simple “Balrog” logo at the top of the firing button and the UD logo at the bottom of the device. In terms of dimensions the device is a little shorter in comparison with the eJoytech VTC Mini, the UD Balrog dimensions are 78 mm tall, 38 mm wide and 23 mm in depth. The UD Balrog is a box shaped device however it does feature rounded corners that take away from the angular shape we see in a lot of devices on the market today.

Another added feature of the device is the possibility of connecting a lanyard if you would like to carry your mod around your neck, this can easily be done by simply screwing on the lanyard at the top of the device where this has a small hole designed specifically for this.

UD BalrogThe condensation ring I have mentioned earlier sits on top of the 510 connection, the 510 connection is stainless steel threaded with brass coating on the 510 pin, the pin is spring loaded so you won’t have any connection issues with your atomizers.  The condensation ring is a reverse threaded (you will have to turn this counter-clockwise to unscrew it) metallic enclosure surrounding the 510 pin with several oval shaped holes which is design to soak up any eliquid or condensation from your atomizers. The condensation ring has worked flawlessly and has saved the mod from several “messes” due to my error :). The condensation ring is user replaceable, the cotton padding can be changed easily, and UD has even included a spare absorbing cotton ring.

UD BalrogThe purlicue button has a nice feel when firing the device, and the fact that you can fire the device in any way possible comes as an added bonus. I didn’t have any issues with the firing button, it is nice and clicky and you can basically fire the device without searching for the firing button when you are holding the mod in your hand. If you have the button facing the palm you can simply fire the device by squeezing the mod. The design of the button is quite interesting, the button is protruding and has a square sided section with a nicely designed fire graphic, so far I haven’t had any issues with the button being protruding.

The screen of the device is small however it is very bright and easy to read,  the information displayed is clear and straightforward. All your basic information is displayed here: battery meter, wattage setting, coil resistance, type of resistance, voltage and temperature. The device also has an option to reverse your screen or to go into stealth mode (screen turned off). Below the screen you will find two metal function buttons (these do not have any markings on them e.g. “+”, “-“) and a USB port for charging, I am not too sure if the device is firmware upgradeable as I couldn’t find anything in the manual about this. At the bottom of the device you will also find some vent holes for your battery.

Built Quality

UD BalrogThe device is pretty well put together, I didn’t hear any button rattling and the paint on the device looks pretty good, I didn’t notice any chips or scratches after extended use. The only things I didn’t like about the device were the bottom battery contact which seems to be too stiff and getting the battery out can be a challenge sometimes as the mod doesn’t have a ribbon in place to easily remove the battery, it does appear to have a slot for such a ribbon however this hasn’t been fitted or included with my device. The battery door cover is held into place by 4 strong magnets, and during use I haven’t experience any issues with the battery door popping off or causing any rattling. As I mentioned earlier the device has a nice feel to it, primarily thanks to it’s ergonomically shaped zinc alloy construction and it’s nicely balanced in terms of weight.

Quick Specs and features (Balrog TC Box Mod):
Size: 78 x 38 x 23 mm
Thread: 510 stainless steel with brass coated 510 pin
Wattage: 5W – 70W
Temperature Range: 200 – 600℉ (95ºC – 315ºC)
Resistance: 0.15 ohm – 3.0 ohm
Supports Kanthal, Ni200, Titanium coils
Temperature control for Ni200 and Titanium coils
Purlicue button design
Condensation ring
Usb charging
Battery: One 18650 battery required (NOT included)
Overheating / Voltage / Battery Reverse / Output Short Circuit / Protection

Box contents:

1 x TC Balrog Box Mod
1 x 3ml Balrog Tank with a 0.5 ohm Kanthal coil pre-installed
1 x Spare Pyrex glass tank
1 x Mod Lanyard
1 x USB cable
1 x Accessory kit (spare absorbing cotton for the condensation ring, heatsink for the drip tip and spare o-rings)
1 x Kanthal 1.8 Ohms (Recommended wattage 15-22W)
1 x Ni200 0.15 Ohm (TC Range 200-450ºF / 95ºC – 230ºC, DO NOT use this in power mode!)
1 x Instruction manual in different languages

UD Balrog

Using the box mod

I have been using the device for a bit of time as my regular vape device to see how it can handle things, so far the device has left a pleasant impression, I didn’t feel the device was missing something important to me or is not performing as it should, temperature control has worked as expected (tested only with Nickel). The only minor thing that annoyed me a bit was taking out the battery as it doesn’t have a ribbon in place so you can pull the battery out, but as I mentioned earlier the space for the ribbon is there so I might suspect that in the future devices this will be fitted.

The device proved to be responsive (no lags whatsoever when going through the menus) and power output was good, I tested the mod with a few other atomizers (Zephyrus V2, Sapor) and has worked without any problems. I also enjoyed their welcome and goodbye screens, these are a nice addition and show the level of detail the UD has put into this device. Below I have put together a few easy steps to get you started with the device:

Power on/off: Press the fire button 5 times to power on or power off your device

Switch between Temperature Control and Power Mode: Press the fire button 3 times to enter in the menu, here you can switch between variable wattage(power mode) or TC(temperature control), to switch between these use the adjustment buttons found at the bottom of the screen. To make a selection you will have to use the fire button.

Temperature control: You have 2 options Ni200 & Ti (at this moment the mod cannot do TC with SS), once you select one of the options you will then see the next screen which will give you the option of choosing between ºC or ºF.

Temperature Sensetivity: This allows you to custom tailor your TC vaping experience by adjusting how sensetive you want your device to be (1 being the most sensitive)

Lock/Unlock the device: Press the power button and the “-”  simultaneously to lock or unlock.

Battery lock alert: The device will prompt you with a message when your battery is too low and it will no longer fire to protect the battery.

The Balrog tank

UD BalrogFor a small little kit tank (3ml) this actually performs very well, what has impressed me was the tank design. The actual coil is also the chimney, this helps the atomizer to produce some flavorful clouds.

Flavor was spot on especially with bakery like eliquids, custards and vanilla, I have tried the tank with some fruit eliquids or tobacco flavors yet however I can anticipate that the flavor would be at the same level. Coil wicking was not an issue on this tank, my coils wicked perfectly even with higher VG eliquids.

Going back to the designUD Balrog of the atomizer, you can disassemble this completely if you want to give it a thorough clean. The atomizer screws apart easily so you won’t have any issues with changing your coils or cleaning the tank. One thing to bear in mind is that you have to ensure the coils are screwed down properly otherwise you might get an error message saying you have no atomizer.
UD BalrogThe only thing that I would have liked to be different in this tank would be the top filling design, you will have a bit of a challenge filling this tank up with a dropper as the refill holes are located to the sides once you remove the top part. Now don’t get me wrong, it is not hard to refill, it was actually easy however you have to do a bit of cleaning after if you are not too careful 🙂

Airflow is pretty good, you have a wide range of options to choose from depending on how you like your draw (tighter draw or a more airy one). The drip tip that was fitted with this tank has a narrow bore hole which would make this tank also suitable to people who like MTL.

Overall Impression

As I mentioned during this review I am impressed with this little device, the design makes it very appealing especially if you are on the lookout for a small yet powerful device. The collection ring and purlicue button are also nice innovations that add to the appeal of the device, I really enjoy the fact UD have decided to keep it simple and sleek – no fancy graphics or paint jobs. The build quality of the box mod and tank are good, when holding the box mod in your hand it does carry a bit of weight to it that adds to the feeling of knowing this is a well built device. I have really tried to find a couple of cons for the kit and so far all of these can be overlooked since to me personally these aren’t major cons:

  • battery slot is missing the ribbon for easy removal of the battery;
  • the coils on the tank cannot be changed while you still have e-juice in it;
  • no RBA base, only premade coil heads
  • the included instructions are not that detailed this can be something a bit challenging for people new to vaping (missing safety features for using devices with replaceable 18650 batteries), also it does not mention if it can do firmware upgrades.
  • temperature control cannot handle Stainless Steel at the moment

As I mentioned these are things that can easily be overlooked since the first thing you will notice is the built quality and excellent design for this price point. The mod is very comfortable in the hand and easy to use and it does pack some power (70W), the set of features is rich and overall it is a dependable device. Personally I would recommend this kit to others, the device with the included tank will offer you a nice vaping experience at a good price point. If you are interested in purchasing a kit for yourself you can find this on sale on www.szgeartech.com.

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