Sapor RDA

Today, I will be doing a review on a dripper (RDA) made by Wotofo. Wotofo is a company well know for making authentic vaping gear at an affordable price point and the Sapor RDA makes no exception, this little thing is cheap and it is good value for the money if you are on the market for a good and affordable dripper. This RDA is well build, the deck is big and it has adjustable top airflow.


Yep, with this little one you can create some big clouds depending on you coil setup 🙂 The RDA can only be run in dual coil mode, you do not have the option of closing one side of the airflow to run it as a single coil setup.


Flavor is really nice, I have tried a couple of setups (twisted clapton, Kanthal, Nichrome) and on almost all of these the flavor was good. Now, I wouldn’t rate this as a flavor chasing atomizers since this is not the case there are better alternatives on the market but at a different price point.


One of the things I have enjoyed the most on this dripper is the fact that it is very easy to build, and this would be a dripper that I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in trying to drip for the first time. Due to the design of the atomizer this won’t leak if you are over dripping. With almost all of the setups I have tried I didn’t experience any spit-back. Also one thing to take into consideration when you are doing a build, do make sure you get those coils as far out and up towards the airflow if you want that flavor to be spot on.

Sapor RDA deck



The build quality of this atomizer is very good (nice and thick) for the price point. One of the things I have noticed from the very beginning is the “T” center post is not rounded at the bottom, this is squared. You might wonder why is this so important? Well over time the T center post will get loose and will spin on you if it were a rounded design however with this dripper you won’t have this problem since this is squared.

Sapor RDA

The peek insulator is well build and from Wotofo’s website it seems this is manufactured in Germany. The four square post holes are big so you won’t have any trouble with putting a fancy build in there. The RDA uses 4 grub screws, I didn’t have any issues with these so far, none of them have stripped or have cut the wires. The juice well is fairly deep (6mm) and as I said previously you won’t have any issues with leaking in case you overdripped.

The 510 pin is adjustable and it is made out of copper plated Rhodium. You won’t have any issues with fitting this RDA on a mech mode since you can adjust the 510 pin so that it protrudes.

Sapor 510 pin

In terms of dimensions, the Sapor RDA is a 22mm RDA with a 12mm by 2mm (fully opened) top airflow control system.

O-Rings are nice and snug, their not too tight or too loose and after a couple weeks of abuse they didn’t seem to chance . Included in the box you also get a set of replacement O-rings in case you need to replace the ones already fitted on the atomizer.


From my perspective this isn’t the best looking RDA however it does the job well so if you are not into aesthetics than this shouldn’t be a drawback for you.  The Sapor comes in a range of color options: Stainless Steel, Black, White, TIffany Blue, Lime Green, Dark Blue, Carbon Fiber. On the their website I have seen also some versions which have a splashed finished – these do look nice in black with a green splash 🙂

Sapor RDA

The drip tip on this RDA is a delrin wide bore cap (11mm) however they also include an adapter in case you want to fit your own drip tip, besides the adapter they also offer in the box a standard peek friction fit drip tip. I’ve tried both the drip tips however the wide bore cap is the one to go for me since it makes dripping so easy 🙂 I usually drip directly in the wide bore cap rather than taking the top part out, this will also help you in the long run since the O-rings will not be too abused due to the lack of friction with the top part.

Box contents:                                                                                            

  • 1 Sapor RDA (mine came in black)
  • 1 wide bore delrin cap
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • 1 stainless steel drip tip
  • 5 spare O-rings
  • 4 spare grub screws
  • 1 wotofo blue multifunctional screwdriver

Quick Specs:

  • 22mm diameter
  • Adjustable rhodium plated copper 510 Pin
  • 6mm deep juice well
  • Dual Adjustable top airflow control 12mm by 2mm when fully opened
  • German made PEEK insulator


Overall impression

To be honest I couldn’t find anything that is really wrong with this RDA, the only negative thing I can think about would be the fact that you don’t have the option of running it in single coil and the fact that it is not the most appealing RDA in terms of aesthetics. For me these things were not so important so it hasn’t stopped me from buying this RDA from a local vape shop and to this day I am fairly happy with it – cloud production is good and flavor is also nice and the fact that it doesn’t leak makes it the perfect dripper to take away with you.  In terms of pricing this is fairly cheap for an authentic atomizer, the lowest price I managed to find at a quick look was 23.95$, if you do a better search you might even find it cheaper than that.

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Box contents Sapor Sapor RDA