I thought of sharing with you my first impression of the ZampleBox subscription service after giving it a try. The package has finally arrived at the beginning of February, after placing my order at the end of December last year. To be honest I was a bit disappointed to wait so much for it, however I understand this is not ZampleBox’s fault, it seems the US Post Office isn’t moving too fast for packages outside the US so take this into consideration when you are applying for a subscription.

What is ZampleBox?

Zamplebox is an e-liquid subscription service and is one of the largest in the US.  Subscriptions run monthly and the e-juices are delivered to you via mail. The nice thing about the Zamplebox service is the fact that you can customize what e-liquid flavors you like or dislike using flavor profiles. The service is very easy to use and it is user friendly. The whole process to getting your e-liquids from them is only 8 quick and easy steps away.

The cost of a monthly subscription varies depending on the subscription type (box size). At the moment they have 3 options to choose from:

Silver – 3 bottles of e-liquid

  • Amount of e-liquid: 30-50ml
  • Price: 19.99$
  • Savings: 40% off retail (if you were to buy these individually, you would pay far more)

Gold – 6 bottles of e-liquid

  • Amount of e-liquid: 60-100ml
  • Price: 24.99$
  • Savings: 60% off retail

Platinum – 11 bottles of e-liquid

  • Amount of e-liquid: 60-100ml
  • Price: 44.99$
  • Savings: 65% off retail

Personally I have opted out for the Platinum box since I wanted to try out as many flavors as possible, however this had some disadvantages as I should have been more careful with my flavor profiles. Some of the e-liquids were not for my licking however this can be easily fixed for next months delivery, all I have to do is play around with the flavor profiles and add the flavors I didn’t like to the list of e-liquid flavors to avoid. This is the beauty of the ZampleBox, having this type of customization but at the same time still having that randomness and of course the savings off the retail value. So if you are considering in giving it a try take the necessary time to setup you flavor profiles so that you are getting exactly the type of flavors you enjoy, otherwise you might have some surprises 🙂

How to start your ZampleBox experience?

As I mentioned before, to set everything up you just need to follow a few simple steps on their website.

  1. Select your vaping experience, here you would have 3 options to choose from: beginner, intermediate, advanced. For my subscription I have chosen advanced. Not sure what the effect the other two options have on your subscription, for beginner and intermediate I would image they would be sending you e-liquids that are more suitable for vaping pens (less VG), at least this is what the picture on their website suggest.
  2. Flavor profile, at this step you have the option of choosing the flavors you would like to receive (fruit, dessert, menthol, tobacco).
  3. Flavors you dislike (optional), you also have the option of specifying if there are any flavors you don’t like at all, this is very important as this will tell them exactly what you dislike and they won’t send it.
  4. Flavors you like, same as flavors you dislike, you can specify here if there are any specific flavors you particularly like so if these are available then you might receive these in your box.
  5. Nicotine Options, you can choose between different nicotine strengths (0mg – no nicotine, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg).
  6. Choosing your box (Platinum – 11 bottles, Gold – 6 bottles, Silver – 3 bottles).
  7. Box summary, at this step you have the option of changing almost everything.
  8. Payment, there is only a debit/credit card option – no PayPal option available. The box is payed upfront first and after that your card will be charged on a monthly basis. You have the option of skipping one month or to cancel your subscription if you don’t like your card to be charged monthly. And that’s it, you are all set 🙂

Now let’s have a look together at the contents of my box and I will be sharing with you what e-liquids I have enjoyed the most out of the box.

The Platinum box came together with a personalized e-liquid menu, the feeling is the same as if you were looking at the menu of a restaurant 🙂 Besides the menu, I received a sticker and a e-liquid rating card. You can also rate your e-liquids directly on the ZampleBox website and I highly recommend you do that if you want your future boxes to contain the flavors you enjoy the most.

Overall I was impressed with what I have received, most of the bottles were 15mL bottles. I liked the fact that all e-liquids were labelled accordingly and the ingredients were all USP approved. I was lucky enough to receive some Kilo e-juice in the box, this stuff is tasty tasty tasty 🙂 I recently noticed that they also feature Cosmic Fog e-liquids.

To be honest I couldn’t find to many negative points for this service, the only drawback would be the shipping – if you live outside of the US, shipment may take up to a month 😦 and it is fairly expensive, I’ve paid 15$ for shipping. I would like to continue my subscriptions however I am sure I will be skipping a few months here and there due to my limited vaping budget. It’s nice to have a chance to try out different brands and flavors and the service behind ZampleBox does exactly that for you.

If you would like to try this service out please check the link – Be sure to use this coupon to get 10% off – FRIENDOFZB (no expiry date).

Zamplebox package

Zamplebox contents top







Zamplebox contents

ZampleBox rating card









ZampleBox menu