At first when I was introduced to vaping my first thoughts were this is too good to be true. After doing a lot of research and reading over studies and articles I wasn’t able to say for certain that the long time effects of vaping are either bad or good. In a way let’s be honest, if we would be vaping on shady e-liquids or using box mods that don’t come from a well known source we are taking a few more risks on board. If we play it safe and use are judgement, common sense and the resources we have available I am certain we can minimize a lot of the potential hazards.

When I say vaping is a growing trend I do mean it, even Google “sees” this. Below you will find a screenshot, comparing vaping to tobacco products over time:

google trends

Besides the “eyed and ears” of the search engines, tobacco companies have also had a sneak peak in our year and have noticed the fact that this trend is literally cutting in their annual profits. If you vape your are most likely an ex-smoker so you are no longer buying their products but instead you are buying vaping gear. The vaping industry has grown to a whopping 3 billion dollars a year market. As I mentioned in an earlier post if you have never smoked than DO NOT VAPE, I personally would not encourage you to start vaping if you are already living a smoke free life. So vaping is growing literally, vaping has grown so much that the tobacco companies have already started to market an e-cig that will be made available in the UK as a tobacco replacement product, YES, you are reading this correctly:) No I am not saying this is a good or bad thing but if this has been granted a market certificate why not offer the chance to other manufacturers to have this possibility at a fair and honest cost, not just one that only the tobacco companies will be able to pay. The vaping alternative from tobacco companies is called eVoke. Below you will find an article about this on the Reuters website.

Also if you would like to extend your support to the vaping communities world wide, please feel free to support, an organization that is fighting for our rights to vape.Although regulations have their place in this world, we would want to see them implemented equally to all manufacturers at a minimal cost and with a speedy approval process. It does not make sense for something to take forever to implement due bureaucracy or high costs when the lives of so many are at stake here. Take care and vape safe!