Making the switch – You decided to make the switch after seeing friends or acquaintances vape. At first this may seem easy, but trust me the market is full of products that may or may not give you what you are looking for in an alternative to regular cigars. Overall if you would want to try all of these out for most us this would really put a big dent in our budget. I will try to explain as briefly and as simple as possible what has worked for me. Now we are all different so what I favor may not suit your needs. Before investing any money in this I would highly recommend you visit a vape shop to try a couple of devices and tanks before making the jump in this world. The internet will help you but it is also confusing, that is why having the real experience with a vape device will help you more than doing research on the internet.

What is a vape or ecig mod/device?

Usually vape mods or ecig devices are comprised of the following components:

  • Battery or box
  • Atomizers
  • E-Juice

Batteries or box mods come in different size and shape. You can have devices with built-in batteries or devices with removable 18650 batteries. Now vaping has advanced a lot lately and you can find all sorts of devices, I will not go over the entire list but will mention  these 2 big categories:

  • mechanical mods (usually they are comprised of a battery and switch, no fancy chips or electronics here). I would not recommend these to people who will want to start vaping as these do not offer any safety features.
  • electronic mods  (these do contain electronic chips in them and most of them have safety features built-in e.g. short circuit protection, low atomizer, battery reverse polarity)

Electronic mods, as I said these come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them have built in batteries or removable batteries – their capacity varies from product to product. This is an important aspect to take into consideration when vaping, if you are a heavy vaper than you will need something mods with a bigger battery capacity. The nice thing with electronic mods is the fact that most of these come packed with features,  most of them have these features included:

  • variable wattage control (allows you to adjust the wattage or power)
  • variable temperature control (allows you to adjust the temperature of you vape)

Variable wattage, now depending on the type of coil you are using you can use one of the above options (either variable wattage or variable temperature). In some setups you will have to bear in mind that variable wattage is strictly a major NO NO (if your coils are temperature sensing Nickel coils). Most mods will allow you to chose different settings depending on the type(material) of the coils used in your atomizers.

Variable temperature, this feature allows you to adjust the temperature of you vape on a given range (eg. 100-315℃/ 200-600°F). As soon as your coil hits the temperature you have set, the device will enter in temperature protection mode. For this feature to work properly, you will have to lock your coil resistance on you device. Most devices have this feature available, you will want to lock your coil resistance at room temperature. Coil resistance lock helps the device to deliver you consistent vapes at the temperature you selected (cooler vapes or hotter depending on your licking)

I this article I will not be covering mechanical mods.

Atomizers, same as with batteries these come in different shapes and sizes. But for now I will be covering these 2 main categories:

  • RDA’s (Rebuildable dripper atomizers)
  • RTA’s (Rebuildable tank atomizers)

RTA’s (Rebuildable tank atomizers), these usually comprise of the following:

  • Base, this will be screwed onto your tank and will also hold the mount for you coils.
  • Tank, this is where you e-liquid is stored
  • Chimney
  • A drip tip (mouthpiece)

Some RTA’s will also offer you the option to use a rebuildable deck so instead of using premade coil heads you will have the option of building your own coils.

RDA’s (Rebuildable dripper atomizers), these are similar to RTA’s however they do not usually have a tank, chimney or prebuilt coil heads. For these you will have to build your own coils (recommended for advanced users). RDA’s have liquid wells from where the cotton feeds liquid to the coil and makes the necessary vapor. Since there is no tank you will have to drip e-liquid onto the coils and wick(cotton) when the coil and wick starts to get dry.

For both RDA’s and RTA’s there a lot of variations, as I said these come in different shapes and sizes and obviously I haven’t tried them all 🙂 The above info is just what I have picked up during my journey into vaping. If you feel you will like to know more on any of these particular bits please feel free to contact me and I will try to help you out with what I know.